Labman Automation is an award-winning company in North Yorkshire that designs and manufactures bespoke robotic automation systems for a wide range of laboratory, medical and industrial industries across the world.

We’re a company that prides itself on building strong relationships with our customers and meeting their technological challenges. Our purpose is to enable a world where science is not limited by technology. Our philosophy of engineering excellence is achieved through self-discipline with supportive leadership, sustainable partnerships, and openness. Our company structure encourages involvement and accountability from everyone. This is driven forward with kindness, humour & enthusiasm. Labman really is a unique and dynamic place to work.

Labman Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship at Labman is a hands-on, full-on role. You will be entrusted with responsibility, expected to take charge of your work and encouraged to take a wider interest in the operation of the company as a whole. Apprentices can even be given project leader status on new, live jobs, and will take charge of large budgets for real clients.

Don’t worry though, you won’t be thrown in at the deep end, and expected to fend for yourself – our senior engineers will provide you with mentoring and guidance in every area of the business to give you a solid grasp and understanding of Labman and the work you’ll be doing.

We work with Middlesbrough College & Teesside University to provide training in a wide range of skills, from electrical engineering, to design, manufacturing and software engineering. These apprenticeships will provide you with a very strong vocational foundation, and will develop and hone the skills required to catapult you into your chosen field with confidence.

You will study towards an NVQ at Labman, whilst gaining a theoretical knowledge of your chosen field of engineering at Middlesbrough College 1 day per week as you study towards your BTEC. As you progress, you may find that you wish to continue to higher levels of study, even to degree-equivalent qualifications – all of this whilst you’re earning a salary and enjoying the unique work environment at Labman. We also offer opportunities to those wanting a degree level apprenticeship as this can be facilitated via Teesside University or Open University (linked to Middlesbrough College.)

Choose one of our apprenticeship disciplines below, or if you’re not totally sure yet what you would like to specialise in, simply apply and keep your mentor up to speed with how you’re finding your chosen discipline – there’s always room to move around in Labman.

Apprenticeship disciplines

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical design and manufacturing is at the heart of most of Labman’s projects. If you specialise in this area, you will be working in Labman’s dedicated workshop machining parts for our robots. The following week though you may well be assembling these parts on the robot itself! No two days are the same for Labman apprentices.

Machining and Fabrication

Machining and fabrication are a large part of Labman, as a machining apprentice you will be working in our dedicated workshop producing parts that will then be used on projects. Within this role you may be expected to run CNC lathes, mills and have the opportunity to get involved in our fabrication department running laser cutters, welders and much more!

Electrical/Electronic Engineering

You’ll soon be soldering, wiring up Rital boxes and watching robots come to life; as an electrical apprentice, you will make Labman robots tick. But it won’t all be electrical work, and as with any Labman apprenticeship, you will need to take an active interest in all areas of the business in order to progress in the company.

Software Engineering

Love computers? Love gaming? Love code? Being a Labman software engineer is an incredible opportunity to get your coding mitts on some amazing technology, including advanced robotic systems, VR, and more. You will be helping to develop software that is used by companies all over the world to run our robotic systems. This is a unique role!

Values at Labman

To continue with our engineering excellence and deliver what we care about the most we work towards and live by these values & behaviours helping us to achieve our shared goals.

  • In it together: Being a team; a community of mutual support
  • Excellence – Working & delivering at the very highest quality
  • Humility – Respecting yourself and others
  • Sustainability – Recognition that we have an impact on our planet, our company and our community
  • Fun – Enjoyment in your work

Entry Requirements

We don’t have any specific requirements, in terms of grades, as we’d rather judge a person based on their enthusiasm and positive attitude to working here. Having said that, if you think of yourself as pretty good with science or maths, you’ll likely find things easier at Labman.

We are looking for those who have an active interest with how things work. Are you always tinkering and taking things to bits? Do you have a few projects on the go with an Arduino or Raspberry Pi? Or are you always rebuilding engines and working on home DIY projects? To stand out from the crowd we would like you to show these to us in your application. We love personal projects so, no matter how weird or wonderful, big or small, make sure to include information to ensure we look at your application.

What We’re Offering

A great and unique team environment in which you can begin your career with a sense of optimism and enthusiasm.

The chance to work in our award-winning, custom-built headquarters, complete with climbing wall, go-karts, squash court and a gym.

The opportunity to work in the fantastic area of Teesside - the world’s best kept secret. Labman HQ is located on the outskirts of the Georgian Market town of Stokesley - a stone’s throw from the breath-taking East Coast and the Yorkshire moors and yet only 90 minutes from the Lake District and 2 ½ hours to London by train. If you’re local, you know all this. If you’re not, then keep it to yourself; we like to keep the 'grim up north’ façade going as it helps keep the numbers down.

Apprenticeship salaries start at £15,000 pro-rata. 33 days including bank holidays with the ability to accrue up to 5 additional days annual leave.

NB - our application form is a legal document, we ask that you are honest with your responses